How to choose a more eco-friendly accommodation?

Our first tip is to avoid traditional hotels and prefer them eco-lodging. Staying with locals is also a great way to have less impact on the environment while travelling and getting to know a culture better. For the later, you can consider platforms like Airbnb or Couchsurfing.

It is always great to check hosts’ reviews and interests. This allows you to meet locals with similar interests (such as vegan or following a zero waste lifestyle etc.) and get more immersed in the culture of the country.

You can also consider short term rental in France and take that opportunity to discover an area while keeping up more easily with your low waste lifestyle.

Alternative ways of travelling

Why not taking the opportunity of travelling to a country to take part in something good for the planet, learn new skills and share your experience by staying for a few days or weeks in an organic farm? Wwoofing allows you to work along your host in exchange for free accommodation and board.

How to have less impact while staying in hotels

If you have to stay at a hotel, be conscious about not using miniature toiletries and always bring your zero waste travelling kit with you. You can also let them know that you do not wish your towels etc. to be replaced everyday and avoid the hotel clothes cleaning service which will bring your clothes wrapped in plastic. Consider instead going to a coin-laundry.


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