Eco-friendly travel and zero waste lifestyle in France

French people have had a growing interest into living a more eco-friendly lifestyle over the last few years with impactful documentaries (such as “Demain”), books and discussions happening in the public space. In summer 2018, huge population demonstrations started to protest against the government inaction about climate change with the movement “Citoyens pour le climat”. This coincided with the resignation of the ecology minister, Nicolas Hulot, who is a very popular environmental activist, as well as the delayed decision on banning glyphosate.

When travelling or moving to France, you may not be aware straight away of the various ways you can lower your impact on the planet as lots of the information is only available in French. We have taken into consideration all the aspects of daily life you may need to consider for a zero waste life in France. Whether you are settling in France a few weeks or for an undefined period of time, there is no better time than now to start applying our tips to your day-to-day life in order to reduce your carbon footprint. A lot of these advices can off course by reapplied anywhere in the world but what will really help you are the research we have done to find specific addresses, providers and references for France.

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