Having role models can help you progress in your ecological transition. See below a non-exhaustive list of influencers that are following or moving to a lower impact lifestyle, vegan recipes in France.

  • Zero waste lifestyle in France

La famille zéro déchet
Objectif zéro déchet
Sortez tout vert

  • Slow travel


  • Vegan recipes

Eva les petits plats

  • News on ecology

Partager c’est sympa
Le J-Terre
Le biais vert
Dear Lobbies

  • Workshops


Community groups and NGOs

Most of these online communities are in French but if you know the language, they can be really useful if you have a specific question, if you want to share some tips or simply if you want to meet-up with like-minded people in your area.

See below a non-exhaustive list of associations and Facebook groups. Do not hesitate to drop us a note if you know about others.

Les Éco Charlie
Zero Waste France
Zero Waste Rennes
Zero Waste Paris

Podcasts or other resources

These contents are mostly in French, but definitely worth looking into if you are learning the language.

  • Imago TV

Imago TV is the French “Netflix” for video and audio contents on alternative lifestyles and guess what? It is free!

  • Podcasts

Bons plants
Ça commence par moi
Des idées pour demain
Objectif zéro déchet
Social lab

Festivals and events

There are more and more eco-friendly festival and events in France. We have captured a few below.

We Love Green
Cabaret Vert


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